Thursday, June 4, 2015

Wire wrapping necklace tutorial: Adding the rose bead

With most of the necklace's first layer done, you'll want to start adding your embellishments. Now, I wont be going over the harder stuff- stuff that isn't a bead. I may include some tutorial on that in the future if anyone shows interest. For now, we're stickin' with beads. This rose bead will sit right in the star-like point of the frame. What I am going to do is wrap the wire down to where the bead needs to go. The design I have laid out tells me I need to put both wires I have going through the bead. I've checked ahead to make sure two wires can actually fit through this bead, and it can. Make sure you do the same, otherwise you'll have to go find yourself other beads to work with.

Take your bead and thread it onto the first wire. Nestle the bead into place on the wire and hold the bead in place. Take the wire it's strung onto and begin the last wrap down the star's end. Once done, as per usual means, then you'll want to thread the other wire through the bead. It'll be a bit more difficult as the bead is now in place, but it shouldn't be impossible. Now continue to wrap the other wire down the other side of the star point and end it (as depicted above).

With this particular design I decided to do some fancy stuff at the top of the star that the bead is embedded in. I started a wrap that was tight and then increased the distance of each loop as it went towards the tip of the star. This creates a neat sort of "texture". A nice detail. Just another kind of thing you can do with your wire wrapping.

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