Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Wire wrapping necklace tutorial: Running out of wire

Eventually you'll run out of wire before you're finished. I know I have to 'reload' several times per necklace I do, so it's bound to happen to you. When you do run out of wire, it's not a big deal. Just snip off the extra bit of end from the original wire and curl the sharp part around and crimp it. Try to keep the jagged-y end from being on the 'outside' of the frame where it can snag on clothing and other things.

Just like when you started your first wrap, you'll want to do the same thing. Cut a comfortable length of wire, hold the end of it against the frame as close as you can to where you ended your other wire, then start looping. Once you're far enough into the wrap that it's stable, pinch the two wraps together and 'crimp' them to stay in place. It takes a lot of practice but see if you can judge the edge of the end of the new wire and cut it so that it will curl right into the end of the spent wire.

Not quite perfect, but pretty darn good.

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