Thursday, August 6, 2015

A little something

I made a mini Pazuzu

For news! I'm redo-ing my website. I have to hang up my Freelancer hat for now as it's not as lucrative as it needs to be to pay US bills since the CAD fell so significantly. Honestly I don't know how I got away with the one I have up currently for as long as I did. It's simply awful and ancient. It used a version of Flash so old, that AS3 was still so brand spanking new no one really knew much about it. I've been working on it for a good bit of time now and it's almost ready to upload. For those Andicuri Dragon fans, rest assured all the original Andicuri adoptables will still be there and hosted just like always. The site will feature an art page for the Andicuri Project, along with some new art, a link to their older page, and revisions/revisits to older pages to update those as well. HURRAY!

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