Saturday, July 21, 2012

A series of unfortunate events... or awesome events!

Well I had plans for getting my portfolio and site all nice and updated, also got that 2 week job to tide me over, right? Well they kept extending me over and over. Now my contract is up and they might be extending me again (though I guess giving me a new short term contract would be more technically correct). They're all in crunch mode too so I had no time to get any portfolio work done with 10-12 hour work days and 45 mins for the bus ride to and from. I've had two interviews as well, but they both decided to go with someone else and it's probably because I having no high res film anythings on my site.

So the search for a good job here in Vancouver continues, and with time off (unless extended) I'll be able to update my portfolio, website, and my new Paz as I had planned!

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  1. An update: Extended again. Someday I'll get regular hours so I can do extracurricular activities. =D