Thursday, June 7, 2012

A nice turn of events

I am taking an extremely temporary job- of two weeks. It seems that I keep finding myself in a "save the day" position where they bring in someone when deadlines are looming and the work doesn't seem to be getting done in time. Let's see if I save the day again like I did before ^.~

And now for something completely different:

funny pictures - Lolcats: 'Star Wars' Day Classic: Jawa Cat!
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  1. An update to this: I'm rockin' the nuke job and saving the day like I thought I would. I could also be extended too but the project will end up over very soon.

  2. I've been extended twice with a possible 3rd time on the horizon. They must really like me, and to think this was my first nuke job ever. It just proves how awesome I am at almost everything.