Thursday, May 29, 2014

Getting Back on the Blog!

A lot has happened since my last post. I've done a lot of small jobs, reached a lot of conclusions, drove across the US twice... again and never touched my Pazuzu model during that time. Haha. Also I'm getting married and I have been attempting to plan a wedding, etc etc. I'll just pretend like I wrote out everything that happened and all that I aspired to do in the past year or so of not posting anything.
Good. Imagination is now in full effect!
Now I can move on to more important things, like what I'm doing now. So lately I've been ambling about, taking care of Dan(household things, so on) as he works till he's ragged with hours even sweatshops wouldn't do. In the mean time, I've been doing several other things, one being creating a stock for an etsy store. The other, which is more recent is teaching myself through mean of the internets on how to code. Code in C#. Now for those of you who know me, you know how incredibly difficult scripting or coding of any sort has been for me each time I've tried to pick it up before. This time though... this time is different!

No, I really mean it, it IS different. I think I'm really getting it this time. Currently I'm working in Unity, with C# using that monodevelop program that unity comes with. So far I have a working item database and player inventory. Granted I did follow a tutorial- which I have to finish the last part- I also created and implemented a few of my own things. And they work. It may not be the best way to accomplish these things, as I am still learning it all, but it works. It's way better than I've ever done before at any point in my life when I've attempted to do scripting/coding/programming/whatever you wanna call it.

With this renewed ferver I am going to attempt to create the coding for the Andicuri Project, which I started YEARS ago and never really was able to get a programmer to come help me with. I do have a lot of programmer type friends, but they're a hot commodity, and I'm a poor person. I'm determined this time to make this work!


A nice side effect of this will also be that I'll know the ins and outs of the unity engine like a pro by the time I'm done. I might just be unstoppable! Also I might be able to do more tech stuff which would mean more jobs, more pay, and more job security. Also, just with the little bit I've done, I've been able to approach my game design in a much better fashion. What I mean is that I have to think in a completely different way to figure out how to make a bit of code work, and when I go back to my own design doc, I can see now what's off, what's fluff, what won't work, and so on.

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