Friday, June 6, 2014

So! What I have done this week is more ... research. Well I did some other things too like more coding stuff and more writing my own versions of what I learned. I was able to layer the images to get the results I wanted as well. I'm not too sure about performance right now, but so far it looks good. I also set up a virtual database so I can start laying down the meat and potatoes stuff. It worries me that I'll have to learn about php, encryption and so on. It still seems way over my capabilities right now.

One thing at a time! Right? I'll be focusing on database structure right now so that I can use that to create more functionality. From there I'll focus on the image creation system. Then I'll go to combat. Those are the two big ones. Well... the combat stuff is HUGE. Image creation is more like a warm up. Actually I think almost any of the features would be warm up to getting the combat portion done. At least right now I know that everything I want to do is possible and I have a way of doing it. From reading the case of characters to determine breeding, to logging age, and layering images. I was worried I wouldn't be able to get the image system to work without having to learn how to code custom shaders. I may need to do that still depending on how I'm going to handle the player's units on the combat map. I could layer sprites- them being small and all the alpha sorting wouldn't be too much draw I would think. We'll have to see.

I'll have to update this with some pictures later on ^.^

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