Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Layering, Color changing, and string to Color32 done!

So I've done the layer of the images as a layering of a sprite, that way I can easily turn on and off the sprite renderer to show coats and what-not. 

 As you can see here I've moved the shading layer to expose the other layers which just have color information. The actual layers will need to be white so that changing the tint won't obscure what color it turns out to be. The colors here are just for my own visual confirmation.

Basic layers a dragon profile picture would have is the body layer, the hair layer, the extra layer, and then shading. Nothing happens to the shading layer.
When I press play to test out my color changing system it works! I've only applied it to the base  body layer, but what you don't see is that I take a string that holds the rgb colors and then turn them into a working color32. What I don't have working yet is getting the colors from the dragon image database (Database that holds all the information needed to create the images of that dragon).

I've also gone ahead and created a menu that draws the user's dragon party. Right now I'm struggling with some simple GUI controls, but I should have that figured out in no time.

After I get that portion done, I want to change gears and start creating a navigational field and see if I can do it with the normal isometric map using Tiled and uTiled. We'll see how well that goes.

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