Saturday, February 21, 2015

road endings done

I'm really unhappy with the tree line, but I'm really happy with the fancy road. I'm not entirely sure I want to keep em... I mean the tree line is pretty great but not quite what I need to give a solid look. The trees seem to be too short really... And some tiles don't match quite right. I might chalk the tree line tiles to me trying to figure out how to do a good tile map. After all these are my first attempts and each time I do something more I learn even more about what I should be doing.

Another issue I've run into is the Pixel purest thing out there. Most pixel artists demand that each and every pixel is placed by hand and that one needs to work with a limited palette. What I want for my game is for it to look awesome. Does it need to abide those archaic rules? Probably not. The reason those were ever rules in the first place was due to the lack of computing power- to which now my smart phone can easilly handle multiple colors and sprites. Hmmm I wonder if my phone's capabilities are equal or better than that of the ps1 by now...

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